I call myself a copywriter but in reality I’m capable of a lot more. I can direct. I can code. I can design. I can concept. I can be left alone on set and still create killer stuff. I believe in being self taught, taking chances, and living the hell out of life.

Want proof?

When I'm not in the office I put my MTA card to use by venturing forth to obscure restaurants throughout NYC. I've eaten bugs in a weird corner of Brooklyn.

I've eaten cow brain in an Indonesian restaurant in Queens.

I've eaten live octopus in a Korean restaurant also in Queens.

My favorite restaurant, believe it or not, is in Queens. It's also a tiny Nepalese place in the back of cell phone store so it's got that going for it.

And when I'm not staring death in the face through weird dishes you can find me trying to replicate these terrifying dishes. I've made liver, lobster, and lengua (beef tongue).

I can teach you!