paper Yearnin...

Terri & Sandy. New York, NY. Senior Copywriter 2019-Current.

Publicis. New York, NY. Writer 2017-2019: Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Heineken, ShineMSD

Grey. New York, NY. Writer 2015-2017: Gillette, Papa John's, The Whitney Museum, Smucker's, Jif, Ketel One, Hasbro

Mullen. Los Angeles, CA. Production Assistant/Volunteer Writer 2012-2014: Acura, Patron

media arts lab. Los Angeles, CA. Production Assistant 2011-2012: Apple

National Geographic. Washington, D.C. Writer/Producer 2011-2011: World's Deadliest Sharks, World's Deadliest Cats

SchooL Learnin...

The Book Shop. Portfolio Night School 2014

University of Maryland. English Literature 2011

award earnin...

One Show Merit. 2015.

One Show Silver. 2019.

Cannes Festival of Creativity Shortlist (3). PR, Entertainment, Design. 2019.

Clios Bronze. 2019.

World turnin...

Ate Jellyfish Tentacles. China, 2001.

Ate Haggis. Scotland, 2002.

Ate Shark Fin Soup (sorry, I was young and dumb). Taiwan, 2003.

Ate Frog Legs with Prune Sauce. France (lol), 2005.

Ate Raw Crab, Raw Pork (I got sick), Barnacles, Snake, Cow Udder, Goat Tail, The menu simply said "Gruel", Snails, Crickets, The Head of a Cobra Used to Flavor Whiskey, Various Small Animals, Things Listed as Beef but 100% Wasn't Beef. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, 2011.

Ate Worm in the Mezcal. Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras (Hey, it was a cruise ship!), 2012.